Director, Operations






Full Time


First Shift - 8 hour

Average Weekly Hours


Position Description

Assumes line responsibility and authority for the administrative direction, evaluation, and coordination of the functions and activities of assigned departments within the hospital organization to ensure operative objectives and results are in accord with overall hospital needs. Position reports to Chief Executive Officer. Communicates routinely with the Chief Executive Officer concerning policy recommendations and suggested courses of action pertinent to the efficient operation of assigned departments. Implements new policies and disseminates pertinent information following administrative objectives. Recommends improvement of hospital facilities in assigned areas, including construction or renovation of structures and purchase of new equipment. Promotes complete involvement of department director/manager in the preparation of the departmentís budget and educates them in the importance of the budget, forecasting and planning process. Encourages and assists department directors/managers in establishing a measure of performance, increased productivity, quality improvement, cost controls and maximum utilization of facilities. Advises Chief Executive Officer where executive action is necessary to accomplish these goals. Plans the activities of individual departments in relation to other hospital departments so as to obtain a better understanding of each otherís problems.



Masterís Degree in Healthcare or Business Administration


Minimum of five (5) years in positions of progressive responsibility in healthcare organizations or other experience as deemed relevant by the CEO; Comprehensive knowledge of general management and financial principles, as well as hospital procedures; Knowledge of health care economics and health care marketplace trends; Ability to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences in small and large group settings.

Posting date

May 1, 2013


Human Resources
Phone: 603-444-9331

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